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VnaFood offers online cooking courses that teach you how to cook food from different regions of the world such as Asia, Thailand, Japan, Chinese …You will be able to sit at your home to enjoy the taste of the dishes that are characteristic of every land.

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РOnline classes are offered as online streaming and downloadable to the computer (format: mp4).  This access is available immediately after successful payment by selecting the Buy Now/Check out button inside members page (Sign in first and then make a payment to ensure the process of auto-upgrading account is stabilized).
– Or you’ll also find short courses categorized by Geography > recipes at drop-down menu Cooking Courses

Details of the courses below:

LevelMember # / Description coursesPrice
17-days-member / 7-day online breakfast cooking class$11.9
21-month-member / 1-month online Thai food cooking class$21.9
33-months-member / 3-months online European food cooking class$31.9
46-months-member / 6-months online Asian food cooking class$46.9


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